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People make the difference.

Spark your customer experience


People make the difference.

We want to create strong connections between companies and their customers. Strong connections by strong human interactions. And of course, your product has to be awesome. But people will make the difference when it comes to loyalty.

In 2012 Dear Customer and the Hotelschool The Hague performed a study about loyalty. The results showed that only 8 factors contribute directly to loyalty, and all of them are human factors.


Your people make the difference. Time to pay attention to them.


What We Do


Workshops and masterclasses to inspire and change behaviour to a customer focused one where everything is said and done with the customer in mind


Design and implementation of the ultimate customer experience. A customer journey design helps you to make clear what you want so your team knows what to do on a daily basis



Dear Customer and the Hotelschool The Hague designed a QuickScan to measure your current customer focus so you know where to improve



To enlarge the focus on customers as a part of a change in culure, a more intensive option is to hire Femke Lans as an interim manager. This can be for both HR as for Customer Experience Officer 

Let's meet

Femke Lans


Femke has an extended experience in training and development and customer experience design. She has worked for KLM and blooming before she founded Dear Customer in 2012. Femke uses her experience in various branches to generate new options for companies who want to stand out within their branche and are looking for something different and something excellent.

She is a guest lecturer at the Hotelschool The Hague and Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Her passion is to improve the world of patient care and she followed several training programs for patient care at the Zen Hospice Center in San Francisco and with the by the Dalai Lama honored Frank Ostaseski for his work in patient care. She also is a voluntteer at the Veerhuis hospice in Amsterdam

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Dear Customer has an extensive network of partners and freelancers to achieve the desired result