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Passionate About Inspiring Others

People make the difference.

create amazing customer experiences and
make your company a great place to work

People make the difference

The soft stuff is always harder

than the hard stuff

People make the difference. But we human beings are complicated as well. You can't put us in an excel sheet, but people do have a huge impact on your results. Due to COVID-19 a lot of companies struggle. With employees that are not in their best mental state, in a time where you have to work hard to stay ahead of the competition and stay relevant for your customers.

Dear Customer is all about experience design: how can you influence the experience of an employee or a customer in such a way that they feel more proud, comfortable, healthy or engaged?

Do you want to be a 'good company' company, where people love to work? Do you want to create the best experience possible for your customers so you add value to their lives? 

Dear Customer is an expert in this field and has helped a lot of companies in creating the best employee and customer experience.


What We Do


Workshops and masterclasses to inspire and change behaviour to a customer focused one where everything is said and done with the customer in mind
Resilience workshops: to help your employees improve their mental health, motivation and resilience during COVID-19.


Design and implementation of the ultimate customer or employee experience based on data research.
A customer or employee journey design helps you create value for your customers or create an environment that employees see as a great place to work.


Dear Customer and the Hotelschool The Hague did research on which factors are crucial when it comes to loyalty. They designed a QuickScan to measure your current customer focus so you know how to improve and in which areas of your customer journey.



HR management during change/reorganisations
Customer Experience officer to implement/improve customer experience

What we do

Let's meet

Femke Lans

Femke has an extended experience in training and development and customer experience design. She has worked for KLM and blooming before she founded Dear Customer in 2012. Femke uses her experience in various branches to generate new options for companies who want to stand out within their branche and are looking for something different and something excellent.
To create amazing experiences for your customers, your employees are crucial. Especially during difficult times (such as COVID-19), the resilience and mental health of your employees are crucial to be a succesfull company. Want better results? Focus on people. 

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Dear Customer has an extensive network of partners and freelancers to achieve the desired result

Let's meet


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